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Ambition the driving force DOC 48 KB
An unhealthy mind DOC 40 KB
APPEARANCE_the_torch_of_knowledge[1] DOC 47 KB
Attachment, a distorted form of affection DOC 35 KB
awaken souls DOC 47 KB
be good do good DOC 42 KB
boredom in serving society DOC 43 KB
Chant Gayatri Mantra with Param Pujya Gurudev DOC 34 KB
Character Speaks for Itself DOC 40 KB
charater cannot be inherited DOC 40 KB
Child Shriram DOC 82 KB
Contribution of India to the World DOC 82 KB
Cultural Development of family DOC 42 KB
Dakshina DOC 58 KB
Demystifying the mystery of _self_-interest vs. _Self_-interest DOC 47 KB
Development of eminent nature and character DOC 45 KB
Dharma is eternal DOC 46 KB
Dharma understand practicality of life DOC 46 KB
do good one in all DOC 68 KB
Do Not Panic In Adversities DOC 38 KB
do not prise rich people DOC 57 KB
Don_t deny the Eternal Truth DOC 39 KB
Donation of time - the supreme charity DOC 41 KB
Donation of Time for gyan yagya DOC 79 KB
each things relebvant wherever it belongs to DOC 43 KB
Education is improving yet foolishness lingers on DOC 40 KB
effects of moral & ommoral intentions DOC 43 KB
Empower women, empower the world DOC 48 KB
Eradication of evil tendencies DOC 43 KB
Essence of Gayatri in All Religion DOC 92 KB
Everything with a little bit of idealism DOC 42 KB
Family Balance DOC 44 KB
first deserve then desire DOC 49 KB
Five gifts which need to be invested to fulfil divine objectives DOC 55 KB
From one to many its desirable and its necessary DOC 45 KB
Gayatri is Guru Mantra DOC 91 KB
Gayatri Shaktippth mission aim DOC 96 KB
Gayatri Yagya Purifies Environment DOC 67 KB
get connected with guru DOC 56 KB
Global Gayatri Pariwar Movements can do it DOC 64 KB
God inside DOC 49 KB
Got Supreme Knowledge DOC 59 KB
Guru Dixa & Gaytri Upasana DOC 108 KB
Gurudev Propprophecy Pf Gurudev DOC 53 KB
Gurudev's Promise DOC 119 KB
Gurudev's Techniques DOC 103 KB
Gyan Yagya Gurudev DOC 62 KB
Gyan Yagya-Iimp DOC 58 KB
Gyanmashal DOC 1,603 KB
Immortality & Imbalace Equally Harmful DOC 46 KB
Importance of daily worship DOC 43 KB
Invest Your Ability Wisely DOC 48 KB
Issue is not System But Intention DOC 47 KB
It is the virtues that are of the essence DOC 45 KB
karma is.. DOC 69 KB
know thyself DOC 48 KB
Let us encourage virtue and integrity DOC 41 KB
look deep look inside DOC 56 KB
man is caretaker of world not owner DOC 42 KB
maya DOC 45 KB
mind is like root of tree DOC 43 KB
miracle examples of Gurudev Pt DOC 22 KB
no destruction DOC 44 KB
Not just the Authority DOC 40 KB
oh1 child of God ! Be God! DOC 48 KB
Our role in the new world order DOC 114 KB
Personality is higher than humanbeings DOC 41 KB
postive thinking DOC 38 KB
pragyavtar_gurudev-_about_prophecy[1] DOC 113 KB
promise for better future DOC 67 KB
refinement of aspirants DOC 44 KB
reform your perspective DOC 45 KB
Sajal Shraddha and prakhar pragya DOC 232 KB
spirually thinking DOC 40 KB
superstitution must be abolished DOC 44 KB
team spirit DOC 54 KB
The act of Destruction & Creation DOC 43 KB
The Body DOC 37 KB
The Clarion Call of Time_final DOC 90 KB
The Elders and Their Advice DOC 57 KB
The Glory of Great Gayatri Mantra DOC 23 KB
the great power of subtle DOC 51 KB
The Kind Act of Benevolence DOC 40 KB
The king of Yagya_Ashvamedh Yagna DOC 86 KB
The mening of contenment DOC 49 KB
the power of influcing humanbeings DOC 48 KB
The power of the masses DOC 61 KB
The supremacy of wisdom in the Yug Nirman solemn pledge DOC 45 KB
The_nine_directive_principles_of_Gayatri_are_shown_below[1] DOC 92 KB
TheGlobularShape_final DOC 67 KB
Thoughts are the building blocks of life itself DOC 39 KB
Transformation of this era is definite DOC 71 KB
transformation thoughts is big service DOC 43 KB
Two approaches to forming a family DOC 53 KB
Vandniya_Matagee__A_true_Mother[1] DOC 71 KB
We must awaken our farsighted discriminative wisdom DOC 44 KB
We must continue to evolve DOC 48 KB
what is corruption DOC 76 KB
what is time DOC 40 KB
What makes God happy DOC 41 KB
who create the problems DOC 37 KB
whom to meditate upon DOC 41 KB
Why only 'dharm' is chosen as a medium for Yug Nirman Yojana DOC 54 KB
why society DOC 44 KB
Worship and Service to Humanity Should be Done Together DOC 43 KB
wrtiters acting loke hunter dogs DOC 51 KB
yugnirman satsanklap- revised DOC 95 KB