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About Us
WE SHALL have faith in him, the Almighty Omnipotent, Omnipotent and Omniscient God and shall follow His path and discharge our duties. This faith shall always remain an inherent aspect of our life.
WE SHALL value this human duty as a temple or abode of God affording it total protection and maintaining its health through leading a disciplined life nature such a faith shall de retained as an inherent aspect of our life.
WE SHALL always keep our heart clean and free form vices and shall consider it to de central controlling point of human life.
WE SHALL with help of sacred learning- swadhyay and sacred company satsang, always keep our mind away from evil thoughts and evil sentiments.
WE SHALL treat ourselves as an integral part of the society and always value the social welfare more as compared to our welfare.
WE SHALL abide ourselves by the principle of subordination of individual interest to the interest of the society as a whole.
WE SHALL always consider civic-sense, morality, humanity, Character, good manners, understanding, unity, solidarity, equality, fraternity, compassion, dignity of labor and such other virtues to be the real wealth and try always to improve our personality by inculcating them in our character.
WE SHALL never allow ourselves to be subjected to negligence, idleness & frailty in works like worship for liberation-sadhana, learning for self realization-swadhyay, service to all living beings-seva and subject ourselves to control of sense and passion- sanyam.
WE SHALL by virtue of our thought & action try to spread cleanliness, simplicity, harmony, gentleness and melody all around us.
WE SHALL by commit to discriminating intellect and shall never subordinate ourselves to superstitious traditions and beliefs.
WE SHALL never value or dignify any success attained by unfair or unethical means and shall always be happy to accept any defeat while following the righteous path.
WE SHALL always judge the greatness and dignity of a person no in ones in accordance with glamour, popularity, worldly accomplishments and resourcefulness but by the yard stick of good thoughts he posses & appreciate and the righteous action one does.
WE SHALL live the life for the sake of others and only our own sake.
WE SHALL always devote a part of our knowledge, resources, time & energy, regularly for the spread of all that is pious, good, sacred, holy, divine, gentle, beautiful & virtuous.
WE SHALL never behave with others in a manner and ways, which we ourselves will never approve from other towards us.
WE SHALL always accept only that remuneration earned through honesty and labor.
WE SHALL abide ourselves by the moral code of conduct meant for husband and wife and a good citizen and lead a chaste life with full confidence in self and faith in Him.
WE SHALL have full faith in the directive maxim-WAN HIMSELF IS THE BUILDER OF HIS OWN FORTUNE-and in accordance with this faith we shall life ourselves up and help others too to lead the path of progress, in this world as well as the yonder world. We shall be committing to our oath and this will certainly change the times. We shall always follow the maxim-CHANGE THY SELF & BE RIGHTEOUS. We believe that our own change is the only means for a social change. Let our resolutions be accomplished Let all be blessed with His grace.