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Gyan Mashal
Gyan (knowledge) Yagya
“Gyan Yagay” is to worship the knowledge and act according to it, “Gyan Yagya” is to guide others with your knowledge. Gyan Yagya purifies our mind, intellct, chit, ego and minutes spiritual elements of soul. Agnihotra is Vigyan (Science) Yagya” while “Gyan Yagya is spiritual thinking. Gyan (knowledge) is the other name of spirituality or “Brahama-Gyan”. Gitakar writers admit that Gyan (knowledge) is the supreme Grandeur of human life. Gyan Yagya is better than the dravya yagya because all the actions end into “knowledge” (Gyan). There is no better thing than “Gyan” (knowledge) in this world.

It is “Gyan (knowledge) which gives us true meanings of the aims of life, our duties, religion and our existence.

Swami Vivekananda has said,” Give word of knowledge to men, make him educated and holy, give him spiritual might”. There will be trifle and sadness in the lives of human beings if they do not change their character.

Love, Love, Love- is my Mantra. Soul-kinship, affection Loving, kindness and unshakable faith constitute my Upasana. In future, I will not only share my insights and Thoughts with parijans, but will shower my deep, heart- Moving affection on them. May be, they will then feel A sense of sublime joy and rapture within themselves.
- Pt. Shree Ram Sharma Acharya

If one could delve deep into my inner being, encased in This physical frame, he will find nothing but a gushing Fountain of limitless love and compassion for all creation. I have relished only one flavour- that is- Love. I have amassed only one treasure- that of Inexhaustible Love .I see and feel the same spirit that dwells in me, indwelling all. However, I find myself spiritually related in very special bond of kinship with those who have living and working with me for fulfillment of the Divine Mission bequeathed to me by Gurudev.
- Pt. Shree Ram Sharma Acharya

In pragyopanishad page 4.67 (Consequence of Thought revolution campaign) param poojya Gurudev pandit shriram Sharma Acharya, the founder-patron of Global Gayatri pariwar and the pioneer of New Era in form of 21 st Century advent Bright future obligated a final fragrant flower in respect of incarnated spirit and expressed his views that in this meeting point of Changing era, the ideal people full of sacramental rites would be enlightened by blessings and benedictions of Almighty and world would get a proper peace, progress and prosperous life – being a comprehensive plan, the tenth incarnation or pragyawatar would be absolute reality (Nirakar) subject to the realization of virtuous qualities in form of pious deeds like austere penance, religious performances and contribution for sacred purpose. The bodiless body in form of Gyan Mashal (the Torch of Knowledge) will represent the Main Guru of Global Gayatri Pariwar flaming fire of Gayatri-Yagya, the ground of our divine culture. The rays of the rising sun shine first on highly mountainous place, similarly the stormy flow of Pragyawatar would be introduced his identity to the activities of senior Pragya parijans like Arjun,Hanuman,Pragya Peeths would be working centre of such dedicated devotees Global Gayatri Pariwar,will disseminate this Torch of knowledge in India and abroad. In this way the new consciousness would be awakened for the welfare of entire mankind. Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya