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Mission & Vision
Mission & Aim
This Mission stands on the base of penance, with the aim to develop the divinity in mankind and Create a heavenly atmosphere on this earth. With the foundation pillars of Gayatri and Yagya, this message is being spread from door to door
It aims to bring a complete change in an individual while developing the positive emotions (Bhav Samvedna)
It comprises of disciples who practice self-control and full of faith (sharadha and vishwas) with Firm devotion and complete surrender.
It practices the control of time, thoughts, money and restraint of senses.
It develops right understanding, loyalty, responsibility and bravery.
It stays away from sensuous feelings, desires and ego and constantly engrossed to eliminate the Suffering and downfall of mankind.
It practices simple living, high thinking and develops the Brahmanatva in oneself.
It is full of tolerance, generosity, emotional and disciplined qualities. It follows ideals and principles.
Lives life in its natural form. Stays away from pride, fame and desires. Multitalented disciples Who stay away from self praise.
Without any self desires , they constantly keep spreading Gurudev’s thoughts among the masses. They work united and in group.
They follow the principle of taking suggestions and respecting individuals.
Teaches to look within your own self for the development of inner soul.
Takes brave fight for eradication of negativity and development of positivity in the environment.
Eliminates inequity and below the belt practices and sets up the justice and morals.
Our Main aim is: 'Hama Badalenge – Yuga Badalega', 'Hama Sudharenge – Yuga Sudhrega'. The trends of our times will transform, when we transform ourselves. When we reform ourselves, the world will be reformed.
Global Gayatri Pariwar Movements
Global Gayatri Pariwar is committed to realize the dream of Pujya Gurudev Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya Developing divinity in mankind and develop an heavenly atmosphere on earth – Construction of the Era Global Gayatri Pariwar‘s ‘DevManav’ (humans with divinity within them) are consider themselves very lucky to get an opportunity to celebrate the Birth Centenary Year which is a divine occasion. Devmanav will be responsible to bring the DevYug (Era of Divinity) and PragyaYug (Era of Divine Intelligence).
The DevManav of the Global Gayatri Pariwar have realized that their birth is not for enjoying the worldly Pleasures and luxury but to solve the problems of the present era. They have to be like Bhim – Arjun, Hanuman – Angad and Nal – Neel and accomplish tasks that almost seem to be impossible. DevManav is Familiar with the emergency situations of the present era and he knows that he is not allowed to enjoy The longings, craving, desires and ambition for self-pride. They are not going to work for fame, glory, Position and money. They will be working without bothering for success-defeat or profit-loss. They have Accepted themselves as practicing austerity with family and staying like saints performing refinement Of the mankind. They travel from door to door to eradicate the negative practices through Transformation and build positive atmosphere by utilizing their power and talent for this movement.
Global Gayatri Pariwar’s DevManav, devotes of Goddess Gayatri, have come forward to provide a lead for Gurudev’s dream. They walk on the path of idealism and principles and bring about good progress in the moral, intellectual and social sector. They have become so strong and capable that they can be like a coxswain who can Propel a strong boat and a not only swims his way but can also help numerous others to cross. They are Capable of lifting people morally and intellectually up and creating an atmosphere where blossoms like Spring can be felt everywhere.
Pujya Gurudev always felt the pain that today’s leadership qualities are very weak. This will be Strengthened by the disciples of Global Gayatri Pariwar. Such a strong leadership will be seen in politics, Religious and social field that will shake the minds of people and inspire them to change their attitude And way of living. Present leadership that is seen today is full of macro logy, center of attraction and deceit found in selfish and narrow-minded people who are not capable of bringing a chance in the adverse circumstances today. They can fulfill their desires for wealth, fame and position but without the inner development cannot make any contributions for the cause of Yug Nirman (Construction of the Era) which will only be fulfilled by Global Gayatri Pariwar. Devmanav will provide leadership in All circumstances considering this to be the need of the time. They are full of self-confidence and worship ideals and principles in life.
Disciples of Global Gayatri Pariwar are not worshipper of any individual or deity. They examine all Situations with discretion and accept only those in life that is logical and worth following in life.
The 3rd World War will not take place. Today’s wrath will quiet down. Hot war will be converted into cold war and ultimately an eternal “no war” state of the world will manifest.
Nuclear war will not take place. Those sects and organizations of the world who with their might have demarcated lives which partition various countries will in future be wiped off. Thus no more will the world be divided into various countries and instead a single World Nation will come into being or what is called “A Beautiful Borderless World” will manifest. No doubt the world may be partitioned but this will only be for smoother governance by a World Parliament.
There will no longer exist many political parties because the world will be ruled by a one single Human Party. Those elected representatives from various corners of the world will govern world humanity. No longer will entrance exams be given importance for choosing important World Government jobs. Instead these jobs will be given to radiant, skilful, honest and ethical individuals.
All literature, photographs, films etc. printed in the world today which is lustful, lewd and distorted will in future be banned totally.
In order to fulfill the requirements of world humanity, a major portion of the materials will be produced via cottage industries and will be sold via cooperatives. Thus giant industrial concerns will not be able to compete with those cottage industries. Clothing industries and Metal/clay sculpting businesses will thrive in small villages. In this way the problem of job paucity will be solved. Larger industries will produce only those materials which these smaller scale industries, cottage industries etc. cannot manufacture.
In the coming days a social organization will shoulder the responsibility of laymen and society at large. Financial management too will lie in the hands of this social organization. It will look after every need of world humanity. Personal wealth hoarding and vain expenses will not be tolerated.
Great saintly Men of this era will solve problems of daily living. Philosophers and scientists will change their way of thinking in a positive manner. A new class of thinkers / philosophers will come into being. Great scientists of the world in future will use their prowess to invent smaller technological apparatuses which will greatly benefit cottage industries.
The social difference between men and women will end. Today cosmetics enhance sexual passion and thus women are looked down upon as dolls of beauty. In future men will live like brothers and women like sisters. Today success is correlated to your bank balance, which in future will have no importance. Success in future will be correlated to how much one helps in spreading human values and sacred ideals in the world and thus help world humanity by touching the pinnacle of both material and spiritual glory.
In future people will find it demeaning to flaunt their intelligence, wealth and success. Instead they will help enhance high leveled skills and seek contentment and honor in aptly utilizing them for world welfare.
In the future Era of a Divine Intellect (Prajna Yuga), world humanity will overcome Mental and bodily strife because people will eat, drink and rest as per the laws of nature. They will be self-controlled and like other creatures, they will listen to inner intuition.
“Large Family” or “Joint Family” system will evolve as a cooperative administration. All local activities will take place at one central location in a cooperative manner. Instead of fulfilling daily activities like cooking, washing clothes, feeding babies, shopping, tuitions, entertainment etc. in an individual manner, everyone will work hard collectively and thus the needs of all will be looked after. Thus society can save its time, money and hard work.
The above idealistic design of an individual family and society should not be looked upon as a figment of one’s imagination because it is a prophecy of a great seer of this era which will be proved true in the near future.